Activities of Damavand Mountain Protectors Society

Damavand Mountain Day celebration in Raineh, Iran’s capital of mountaineering, participated by many interested individuals in Tir 89 and 90 (June 2010 and 2011.


Speech by Dr. Kahrom - Damavand National Day, 1390 (2011



Music performance by “Sonata Group” from Sari
Damavand National Day, 1390 (2011


Story telling by Ostad Sadeghi
Damavand National Day, 1390 (2011


Traditional music performance by “Bamdad Group” from Amol
Damavand National Day, 1389 (2010

 Invitation of well-known scholars and advocates to participate in meetings to decide on establishment of Damavand Research Center. 

Preparation for the first national conference on Damavand studies, to be held in 9th of Tir, 1391 (June 2012) in Shomal University, Amol, and establishment of scientific secretariat for the conference at College of Natural Resources in Sari.

Arrangement of meetings with mountaineers and environment activists in Tonekabon, Amol, Babol, Ghaemshar, Sari, Savadkooh (Zirab) in Mazandaran Province, and Gorgan, in Golestan Province.

A meeting with participating mountaineers and environmental activists
in Gorgan (Gorgan City Council

Preparatory work for production of Damavand Music to be auditioned at Tirgan ceremonies in2012.

Planning for active participation in safeguarding Poppy Fields in collaboration with Iran Mountaineers Society in Khordad (May 2010) and Tir 1390 (June 2011.

Started an active website for Society in Shahrivar 1390 (August 2011.

Inaugurated fully equipped Amol office for Society in Azar 1390 (December 2011.

Collection of existing books, articles, and information on Damavand Mountain to establish a library and create a database.

Celebrated international mountain day in collaboration with Babol Active   Mountaineers Society in Azar 1389 (December2010 

International Mountain Day Celebration - Babol, Azar 1389 (2010


 Joint invitation with Iran Mountaineering Society extended to all individuals interested in mountaineering for joining planting day and follow up on carrying out festivities in Mazandaran in2011.

Publication of articles on mountaineering, environment, and NGO activities in Society’s website.

A joint conference on “A Criticism on Dam Building from Environmental Protection Point of View” in Babol in Ordibehesht  (April 2011.

Conference on “A Criticism on Dam Construction from Environmental Point of View”
Babol, Ordibehesht 1390 (May 2011

Active participation in arranging a photo gallery in “Support of Mountains” held in Babol, 2011.

Active participation in planning for international mountain cleaning day in Amol, Babol, Ghaemshahr, and Sari, in Mehr (October 2011.

Active participation in arranging planting day ceremonies in Amol, Babol, Ghaemshahr, and Sari, in Esfand 1390 (February2011

Maintaining contact with government and private organizations working on environmental protection to safeguard Damavand Mountain.

Preparation for international registration of Damavand Mountain.

Active collaboration to arrange memorial for late Laila Esfandiari and International Mountain day in Alimestan Region in Amol, Azar 1390 (December 2011.

Active participation in anniversary founding of Iran Mountaineer Society, Qaemshahr office, Bahman 1390 (January 2011.

Active participation in arranging “a memorial for Qaemshahr mountaineers who lost their lives”, Bahman 1390 (January2011

Active participation in “Forest Cleaning Program” in Semskandeh Region in Sari, Shahrivar 1390 (September 2011

Active participation in Clean Day program, Amol, Bahman 1390 (January 2011

Active participation in the first conference for recognition of communities living in Sorkhabad Strait and their historical background, Savadkooh, Tir 1390 (June 2011.