How Damavand Mountain was nationally registered as the first natural heritage?
How Tirgan celebration was revived for thirteenth of Tir (4th of July?
How National Day of Damavand makes Tirgan a lasting ceremony?


Damavand mountaineers and friends have always wished the national registration of Damavand Mountain as a natural heritage and national symbol. They also hopped for assignment of a day to celebrate “National Damavand Day” to advocate its protection.

Many efforts have gone into achieving these objectives. A search through internet for “Damavand National Day” introduces interested users to the past activities. Iranian Mountaineers Society has been involved in and has been on the forefront in many activities including working on the initial idea, making a proposal, and following up for selection of a Friday close to 13th of Tir (4th of July) as “Damavand National Day” from 1384-88 (2005-2009).  Other activities include: organizing meetings in small conference room at Raineh City Library, safeguarding Poppy Field from middle of Khordad (in June) to Tirgan Ceremonies (in July).

Correspondence and following up on legal aspects of national registration of Damavand Mountain, promoting its protection, and continual mass media publicity are indebted to Iranian Mountaineers Society contributions. The formation of Damavand Mountain Protectors Society in Aban 1388 (November 2009) was the result of those efforts and opened a new chapter.

Damavand Mountain Protectors Society takes the opportunity to extend its gratitude to those individuals and groups who contributed to these colossal efforts and is pleased to announce its readiness to work and collaborate with friends of Damavand Mountain.

We embrace any collaborative efforts to preserve Damavand Mountain


Damavand National Day