Founding of Damavand Research

The main concern since the establishment of Society has been doing something significant and fundamental about identifying the factors that destroy Damavand Mountain in order to find ways to stop them.  After initial discussions, the first serious meeting was held as part of International Mountain Day (Azar 1389 in Babol). Dr. Kahrom together with twenty mountaineering and environmental protection activists participated in this meeting.

The most important outcome of this meeting was agreement on establishing a work group to research about Damavand Mountain.  Preparation for this meeting and making arrangement with participants took five months. The first meeting was held in 30th of Ordibehesh 1390 (May 20,2011) at Payam Noor University, Raineh Campus. Sixty five distinguished professors, environmental professionals, and mountaineering activists attended the first meeting. 

Over four hours discussion took place on the main reasons for holding that meeting and the formation of work groups.  Fifteen participants volunteered to actively participate in work group meetings and the relevant committees. 

The second meeting was at the same location in 30th Tir, 1390 (July 21, 2011).  In that meeting, members agreed on the legal structure and formed nine committees to start working on the following activities:

 Geology and mining
 Greenery and pasture
 Anthropology and contact with local communities
 History and culture
 Land and water protection
 Environment and sustainable development
Ecotourism from environmental point of view
Damavand Mountain’s ecology

Work groups started their activities shortly with group members’ participation.  The third research work group meeting was held in Raineh in 15 Mehr, 1390 (7 October, 2011).  One of the objectives of this session was a review of past activities and preparing for their publication, if advisable.

The Secretariat of Damavand Research Center officially was inaugurated at Raineh University in17th of Tir 1390 (8 July, 2011) during National Damavand Day ceremonies.

The scientific method (S.W.O.T.), accepted by academic and research institutions, was adapted for pursuing Research Center objectives:

S=Strength     W=Weakness    O=Opportunity    T=Threats

A colossal work began gradually with taking small steps.  Without any doubt, this work could not have been possible without support and help of interested individuals in Damavand Mountain. 

We take this opportunity to thank all participating groups including mountaineering groups, environmental specialists, and academic personalities who helped us in our endeavor to make all this possible. Our special thanks go to Payam Noor University, Raineh Campus, Natural Resources University in Sari, and North Amol University who have been instrumental in our efforts.

We are looking forward for your participation in different activities of your interest. 



Clinker Mine in Damavand Mountain’s foothills  


Isn’t it the time to stop clinker mining operations at Damavand Mountain’s foothills and mountain tops?